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6th-Oct-2017 09:29 pm - Stage play subs masterpost

Just to keep it simple and because I'm very bad at updating properly~

(I swear I'll make a proper post at some time~)

Yowamushi Pedal - the Second Order -> subs here

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu love! Katsugeki -> subs here



Welllll... since Samurai Flamenco is the series I've done a lot of translations for I'll try to gather everything in one post, even though I still have to finish up some things as well.

1. The manga: Samurai Flamenco Another Days

Translations by me, cleaning, typesetting and proofreading by Rozarka

Download full manga -> mega | mediafire

2. Episode audio previews

Since I'm not sure how to rip audio from a site, and the tutorial I found seemed kind of...complicated, please go to the official site -> http://www.samumenco.com/story/

That brings you to this page

Click on an episode, then click 'movie play' for the audio preview.(note: the first episode does not have one!!)

These are not the same as the episode previews, but audio parts with characters talking about random stuff :)

Links will be added soon!

  3. Character talk CDs

Listen on soundcloud.


Extra's from the DVD/BR release.

Links to be added soon.

  4. Magazine/other translations

Pash Mach 2014

10th-Mar-2014 11:14 pm - About gods and ethics

I was reading Paul Varley’s Japanese Culture, and discovered a basic part of the ancient Shinto belief to relate very closely to the youkai in Noragami.

"Shinto has little concept of the ethical as a means to measure human behaviour, but instead considers the misdeeds of people […] to be essentially visitations from without that must be handled by special rites, such as exorcism and purification."

In Noragami

  • people’s negativity attracts the youkai,

  • who in turn try to possess the human.

  • A god can, by using their shinki, cut the bonds between the human and the youkai.

  • Shinki and their masters can be infected by this negativity/youkai

  • and can be purified by water or by performing a ritual.

  • Gods don’t have a concept of right and wrong.

  • It’s humans who judge behaviour of other humans.

I like it when things in anime are actually based on existing ideas. Especially historical/mythological stuff *A*

Quality stuff. Thank you, Adachi Toka!

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